Personal Safety Redefined

RunSafeToday gives you control of your safety during
run or neighborhood walk.

Partner with friends who will watch your back
run or walk.

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Our Features

Feel free to run safely in your neighborhood with your personal safety in the palm of your hands.


Runsafe in your neighborhood or trails with your personal safety at your fingertips

Smart Alerts:

Runsafe cares about your well-being and safety. You’re provided with weather alerts as well
as alerts to your family and friends. They’ll know when you’re on the go, and if something goes wrong,
you know your loved ones are by your side.


Runsafe enables you to contact the authorities when you can’t reach your friends.
If you feel scared or threatened, use Runsafe to escalate your concerns to the right people.

Latest Blog

Articles and friendly tips about safety and exercise.